Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Merry Kookaburra

Kookaburras are territorial in their nature, which could explain why this same Kookaburra keeps flying into our orchard & sitting sentinel on a colonial wooden post.
 Our orchard in Simpsons Bay on Bruny Island, attracts a lot of native birds.
 Bruny Island is extremely well known by bird watchers as a perfect location to pop out the binoculars & bring out the pocket book of bird life. 
 The coast, bush and open pastures of South Bruny Island National Park, are filled with bird life
 Over 120 species of native bird have been recorded on Bruny Island. Below is listed a small cross section of birds that live on Bruny Island: The tawny-crowned honeyeater, Australasian gannet and ground parrot.
Wedge Tailed Eagle - regularly patrols the forests behind Adventure Bay and nests on Mt Cook overlooking Adventure Bay; 
• White Bellied Sea Eagle - regularly seen above the estuary and forests behind the Bay;
• Grey Goshawk (white morph) - nests and feeds in forests more than 50 years old and is regularly seen in forests behind the Bay;
• Swift Parrot - nests and feeds throughout the lower slopes of the forests behind Adventure Bay.

 There are a lot of birds living in the national park at cloudy bay. Sometimes birds can be seen in the sand dunes behind Cloudy Bay Beach. 
 If you are a keen bushwalker & enjoy a little hiking then you might enjoy the East Cloudy Head walk, check the link for more details http://www.brunyisland.net/Walks/cloudybay.html

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