Saturday, November 26, 2011


 This is an incredible view from my mothers garden on Bruny Island. The garden is filled with wild growing flowers & native grasses & overlooks this amazing bay. The variety of scenery & plants on Bruny Island is surprising & lovely.

Here is one of many stunning rock formations that are scattered along the coast of South Bruny Island.

The Breathtaking Bruny Island Lighthouse is one of the oldest in not only Tasmania but Australia also.

This rock sculpture has been slowly built by local Bruny Island folk, over time passers by have added rocks to the piles when they go walking on Grassy point on South Bruny Island.

Sunrise over Simpsons Bay, Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia

             Moonrise over Simpsons Bay, South Bruny Island.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


 Dolphins are frequently spotted off the coast of Bruny Island you can see them jumping in the bay at Adventure Bay. They swim along next to local boats along the coast. I even know a man who's dog swims with the dolphins.

Bruny Island has some of Tasmania's most beautiful surf beaches & Cloudy Bay even has its own surf

Bruny Island is home to some lovely wild ducks who make their homes on ponds & in rivulets.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

IF BY SEA the Bruny Island Ferry

Bruny Island is not far off the coast of the Australian Isand state of Tasmania. A ferry runs regularly from the seaside village of Kettering to the Bruny Island ferry dock at Roberts Point. The ferry takes approx 10 to 15 minutes to cross the channel. The ferry transports cars, caravans & bicycles as well as walk on commuters. The ferry is occassionally flanked by dolphins that glide through the water thus the painting of the dolphin pod on the side of the vessel which is proudly named the Mirambeena.

During the 1950's the ferry docked at Barnes Bay. The old vessel was named the Mangana in reference to Bruny Island's own beautiful Mangana mountain.

The newer Vessel the Mirambeena has all the mod cons, two motors, lights at night, toilet facilities, what appears to be hundreds of life jackets & an alarm system. The ferry is extremely safe & undergoes a regular service & inspection once a year. However small inconvenient mishaps have been known to happen & in one case the ability of the ferry to successfully dock was impaired & a cute little ship was employed to help the ferry into dock ( see picture below )

Below is a fantastic picture of the old ferry at the dock. 

 It's delightful to see the men in suits & the women in gloves for their trip on the ferry.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Alonnah views on Bruny Island Tasmania

Here is a stunning spring view from Alonnah Bruny Island. Looking out across the blue waters you can see satellite Island which sits off the coast of Bruny Island. Satellite Island is a perfect example of Australia's Island formation, it is an island off an island off an island off an island.

A beautiful sunset sky over Alonnah Bruny Island. A small twinkling light can be seen in the distance emanating from satellite Island.

Beach combing on Alonnah beach is a great way to spend an afternoon. Alonnah beach is scattered with seashells & is nice & shallow if you would like to go wading, the shallow waters make it a safe beach option for small children & there is a playground by the beach.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


This Bruny Island orchard is about to spring into bloom. The tree's are sprouting little buds that will soon become blossoms & pears.
This stunning water Lilly is growing wild in a little dam at the edge of an orchard on Bruny Island.
These native birds eggs will soon hatch & little birds will take flight on Bruny Island.
This Daffodil is loving spring at the bottom of an orchard on Bruny Island Tasmania

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kookaburra, Echidna and Other Animals of Bruny Island Tasmania

This kookaburra was spotted sitting in a gum tree at a local Bruny Island park

This echidna was seen wandering about in Simpsons Bay Bruny Island.

My dear cat SNUFFY was a little curious when he spotted this Echidna in the front yard. He kept his distance though. Like all clever Tasmanian cats he knew that Bruny Island echidnas are full of spikes & are very very prickly.

There are so many wallabies & kangaroos sneaking into our garden in Simpsons Bay Bruny Island that we have to fence off the vegetable patch or they munch on our produce.

These two seagulls are just hanging about at Adventure Bay, they seem to be having some kind of dispute as the one on the right appears to be sticking out his tongue at his fellow bird.

These two wild Bruny ducks have definitely got each others back.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Bottom of the Garden on Bruny Island Tasmania

Bruny Island like the rest of Tasmania is not only beautiful but full of surprises. Today I wanted to share with you some snap shots from Bruny Island Gardens. These gardens are nothing like a small suburban yard!

This is a delightful boat house on a private pond, perfect for picnics. This photograph was taken on a stunning Bruny Island property called HIBA.

Sheep grazing on green Bruny Island grass, overlooking the 
d' Entrecasteaux channel.

 Geese and daffodils in Simpsons Bay Bruny Island.

A gnarled tree overlooking the sea at the bottom of the garden in Adventure Bay Bruny Island.

A bell shaped pink flower growing wild at the bottom of the orchard in Simpsons Bay Bruny Island.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bruny Island Perfect in Any Season

Bruny Island Tasmania is a great place to get away & reflect. At any time of year Bruny Island has great things to see & do.

You can see stunning Australian fur seals when you take a local boat tour of Bruny Island.

Take a walk through the forest or on one of many Bruny Island beaches.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Winter on Bruny Island Tasmania

Bruny Island in winter is absolutely stunning. The colours of the island transform into varied winter hues. Bruny is unique in that it changes so beautifully with the seasons. You should see Bruny Island at least once during every one of the four seasons.
Bruny Island is a unique & exotic piece of Tasmania.

In the winter time when you just want something fresh to look at, Bruny Island is a true sight for sore eyes.

Fresh blue waters of Bruny Island

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bruny Island the Lush Season

Boating on Bruny Island is popular all year. The above photo was taken from the Roberts Point ferry terminal as the season was turning from summer to autumn.
The water was clear & reflective of the blue sky that day at Roberts point ferry terminal Bruny Island.
I love this little fenced in garden. The garden is planted atop a very steep slope behind the Roberts point kiosk & coffee shop.
The greenery is plentiful all through the year on Bruny Island but Winter brings everything to life. My favorite time on Bruny is winter because I love new life.
Everything is so fascinating if you take the time to look a little closer.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Isthmus, Bruny Island

The isthmus also known as the neck is a long narrow neck of land almost like a giant sandbar. The neck joins together North Bruny Island & South Bruny Island.

At the centre of the neck is a stunning lookout known locally as the hummock.

There are beaches on either side of the neck. There are stunning views of the surrounding beaches & coves from the hummock lookout.
It takes a little aerobic exercise to climb the wooden steps of the hummock but it is well worth the effort. The air is bracing at the top, the view is great & there are wooden benches at the top, so you can take a break & catch your breath.