Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fur Seals on South Bruny Island

There is a large colony of Australian Fur Seals living on a cluster of remote rocky outcrops & craggy islands off the coast of south Bruny Island. It has been estimated that at any given time there are up to 1000 seals in residence.

These seals are adept at moving on land as they use their front & back flippers to propel themselves across the rocks. They are particularly drawn to the rocks during mating season.

Seals are mammals who fish the seas for food, they eat bony fish, squid & octopus. Seals have been known to poach their meals from fishing nets & fish farms.
The Australian Fur Seal is known for it's large eyes & excellent vision as they can see in the dark. Fur Seals can dive up to 200metres in dark waters. Fur seals can grow to be quite large their length range is approx 135cm-227cm. Males weigh between 218 kg- 360 kg; Females weigh in at 41 kg-113kg.

Fur seals have sharp teeth & long whiskers. They are covered with thick layers of hair that cover the majority of their bodies excepting their front & back flippers. They have 2 front & 2 back flippers. Fur Seals are the only seal that can articulate all four limbs. They really are fascinating cratures.

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