Friday, December 3, 2010


Bruny Island at Dusk is an amazing place to be. The White Wallaby's come out to play at dusk as do the
Fairy Penguins.
The Old Lighthouse is a stunning place to be at any time of day. The Lighthouse still stands but it has been replaced by solar powered lights on a nearby hill. At dusk the lights power up & still play a crucial role in seeing ships safely through the channel.
In the old days the lighthouse was lit by a huge light refracting oil lamp, which had to be lit by hand & tended by the lighthouse keeper. When the Lighthouse was first built it was inaccessible by land & the Lighthouse keeper lived a solitary existence. Food & other important rations were delivered by boat to a nearby cove.
Today there is a road called Lighthouse road which bumps & winds its way through the bush & along a stunning coastline with many lookouts & beaches. If you carefully drive this dirt road to the Lighthouse you won't be disappointed!
Nothing beats walking along the beach at dusk, with a cool breeze at you're back.
Cheers Island Girl

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