Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Surfing on Bruny Island

Bruny Island is famous for it's surf. The waves are great & the water is clean. The waters on the southern side of the Island offer peaked rolling waves that bring with them a little of the southern ocean chill from the Antarctic.
Cloudy Bay, Coal Point and The Neckbeach all offer some of Tasmania's best surf, every year hosting the 'Bruny Island Surf Classic' - one of only four state championship competitions.
Cloudy Bay is by far the most popular surf beach & a great group of locals regularly surf together & many of them are happy to share their wisdom with new comers.
Cloudy Bay is part of the South Bruny Island National Park. Many rare and endangered species of birds nest in the dunes above the high tide line.
There is a small very basic camp ground there but I personally have only camped at the high tide line at the end of the beach, the tide came up so high that we had trouble exiting the beach. I would definitely use the camp ground as it's a lot safer than waking up with the waves lapping at you're tent flaps.
There are also some great family beaches which offer a refreshing swimming environment in summer, these include Adventure Bay beach, Jetty beach & Two Tree's to name just a few.
There is a lot of adventure to be found on Bruny Island, there are a lot of great wildlife walks, loads of beaches, great accommodation & camping spots. If you're thinking of a holiday or just a day trip then check out this link www.brunyisland.net.au
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This Kookaburra hangs out in my mum's orchard on Bruny Island. This Kookaburra is a Wiley bird. Not only does it skim the dam for tadpoles but it also ate my mum's prize goldfish. There are so many nicer fish to eat on Bruny Island too.
There is a salmon farm on Satellite Island, a little Island off the coast of Bruny Island. Satellite Island is known as Woodie Island by the locals & you can see it from Allonah Beach.
These Nasturtium's are an edible & pretty flower that my mum grows in her organic vegetable garden on Bruny Island. They are great for topping salads.

Organic Dutch peas called capussanas

These organic carrots are sweet & tasty, they are nestled in a bowl with fresh snow peas & purple sprouting broccoli. For more beautiful photos of Bruny Island including the lighthouse check out this link http:/www.atasteofbruny.com.au/

Where is Bruny Island

Bruny Island is an Island off the coast of Tasmania. The Island was discovered by captain Cook. Apparently when captain cook first sighted the Island he thought it was actually part of mainland Australia.

The first Apple tree in Australia was planted in Adventure Bay on the south of Bruny Island.

Bruny Island is comprised of two islands connected by an isthmus or narrow neck of land, known by the locals simply as the neck.

Penguins nest around the Bruny Island neck & are a real attraction for tourists & locals alike.

The neck boasts a great lookout post which has a plaque dedicated to Truganini Tasmanias last full blood Aboriginal who's birthplace was Bruny Island.

Bruny Island is the locale of many historical events. If you fancy a visit to the Bruny Island it will take a short, scenic ferry ride, you can take vehicles on the ferry or just walk on. Check out this link for ferry details www.brunyisland.net.au/Services/brunyislandferrydetails.htm

The award winning novel ALPHABET OF LIGHT & DARK written by Danielle Wood is also set on Bruny Island around the beautiful windswept lighthouse.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free as a Bird on Bruny Island

Life on Bruny Island is quaint as a picture postcard & as interesting as an episode of ABC's Seachange. The locals are as colourful as the scenery. One local who will remain unnamed gets about the Island in an array of colourful pyjamas. I even know a guy who has a sweet pet dog that swims with the dolphins. Everyone is friendly & the Adventure Bay General Store is a hub of gossip. Go out to buy a carton of milk & you may find yourself chatting to friends in the dairy isle for half an hour or more.
A great number of Bruny Island residents came there on holiday many years ago & just never left. The atmosphere just draws you in that way.
Keep your eyes on this space in future if you want to learn more about this Islands colourful history & all the local characters & events.
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