Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Isthmus, Bruny Island

The isthmus also known as the neck is a long narrow neck of land almost like a giant sandbar. The neck joins together North Bruny Island & South Bruny Island.

At the centre of the neck is a stunning lookout known locally as the hummock.

There are beaches on either side of the neck. There are stunning views of the surrounding beaches & coves from the hummock lookout.
It takes a little aerobic exercise to climb the wooden steps of the hummock but it is well worth the effort. The air is bracing at the top, the view is great & there are wooden benches at the top, so you can take a break & catch your breath.


  1. this is a really stupid blog i dont understand why it is here whoever the director is you are waisting your time!!!

    1. Please elaborate on what "waisting your time" means?

    2. A very good Job! congratulation for the blog. the contemplation of the nature is not wasting time!

    3. Wonderful pictures! I wish I could visit the place!