Sunday, January 30, 2011


This stunning rock formation stands like a statue in the coastal waters of South Bruny Island.

Australian fur seals regularly congregate on this craggy rock which juts out into the cool waters of the south Bruny Island coastline in Tasmania. The fur seals almost blend into the rock as if they were one with it.

There are several ecologically friendly boat charters that will take visitors to Bruny Island, on a voyage of true beauty to see the many coastal wonders of Bruny Island.

Bruny Island is a true jewel in the Australian state of Tasmania. There is so much too see on the Island & on her coastline.

As you are cruising through Bruny waters you will most likely spot a dolphin or three if you can take your eyes off of the more imposing scenery.

When the conditions are right sea water comes spraying through this natural blow hole carved by nature into the rock face.

Someone was so into the scenery here that they failed to notice their finger was on the lens! Good scenery will do that every time.

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