Monday, January 10, 2011


Budding purple pears in early summer. Growing in a hundred year old orchard on Bruny Island in Tasmania. Bruny Island pear & vanilla butter is made from these pears each year when they ripen.
Tasmanian produce is known for its freshness & flavour, due to the exceptionally clean air in this part of the world.

Bruny Island pear & vanilla butter has a runny consistency quite similar to brandy butter. It can be used as a sauce for ice cream, scones or even as a spread on beautiful bruny homemade bread as a substitute for bread & honey.

Pear & Vanilla butter is really tasty as an Asian style cooking sauce. It is sweet & flavourful & can be used in stir fry. If you add a squeeze of lemon or lime it makes a nice sweet & sour sauce. Due to the strength of it's flavour you only need use a very small amount. It is great with chili, rice & chicken.

You can also serve Bruny pear butter on the side as a dipping sauce.

These beautiful nasturtiums are an edible flower & great for decorating stir fry or salad. They have a slightly peppery flavour.

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