Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Offerings of the Ocean

This seahorse was found washed up on the beach in Adventure Bay on South Bruny Island.

This net holds the plenty of the sea surrounding Bruny Island. These scallops were harvested by an amateur fisherman in the waters near Alonnah beach. These scallops are from fresh clean waters & taste sweet & fresh.

These fresh Bruny Island oysters are freshly shucked & full of the flavour of the sea.

These Bruny Island Mussels cling to rocks & can be collected at low tide.
Bruny Island Kelp can be collected & used on the garden as a mulch. Kelp is full of nutrients & is an ingredient in Seasol.
Kelp is fast growing & grows as fast as half a metre a day. Kelp makes it's home in Kelp forests in shallow nutrient rich water.

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