Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sights from Home. Bruny Island Tasmania

I'm spending a week at my mum's house in Simpsons Bay so I thought I'd take a few photos around her property. This is the front deck of the house. The house has been painted in a combo of bright colours.

This is the view of Simpsons Bay from the colourful porch.

This is the lovely view from the slightly overgrown cottage garden down the side of our house.

While I was picking blueberries this morning this little moth landed on my hand. Luckily I had my camera around my neck at the time & I got this shot.

These gorgeous flowers run riot in my mums orchard, later in the year we should get some pink ones. I think these Lilly like flowers were imported from Asia many moons ago & they have made Tasmania their home.

I like to think of this lady as our protecting garden nymph. No matter how many bushes plants & shrubberies grow up around her she stands strong.

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