Monday, January 31, 2011


Tasmania is Australia's only Island state & it is stunningly beautiful. A little less commonly known Australian Island is the stunning & surprisingly vast Bruny Island, which is situated off the south-eastern coast of Tasmania. Bruny Island is 362 km2 (139.8 sq mi) in land mass & is home to approximately six hundred residents. Although in tourist season the island swells with people.

Much of the Island remains an untouched wonderland of native plants, blue seas & sky. The air is clean & the feeling of escape from the city when you board the Bruny Island ferry is matchless.

South Bruny national park is a key feature in the epic landscape of Bruny Island & is a true asset to Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife.

Geologically Bruny Island is comprised of two islands - North Bruny Island & South Bruny Island - these two Islands are irrevocably joined by a long sandy isthmus of land, like a sandy bridge between the two Islands.

Bruny Island also has a traditional Aboriginal name which is Alonnah Lunawanna. Two hamlets on the Island have taken these names. The township of Alonnah is situated on South Bruny Island & overlooks satellite Island. There is also a township named Lunawanna which is also situated on South Bruny Island.

No matter how much you read about Bruny Island, no matter how many panoramic photographs you see, nothing can quite prepare you for the real place, the sights, sounds & smells.

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