Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kookaburra, Echidna and Other Animals of Bruny Island Tasmania

This kookaburra was spotted sitting in a gum tree at a local Bruny Island park

This echidna was seen wandering about in Simpsons Bay Bruny Island.

My dear cat SNUFFY was a little curious when he spotted this Echidna in the front yard. He kept his distance though. Like all clever Tasmanian cats he knew that Bruny Island echidnas are full of spikes & are very very prickly.

There are so many wallabies & kangaroos sneaking into our garden in Simpsons Bay Bruny Island that we have to fence off the vegetable patch or they munch on our produce.

These two seagulls are just hanging about at Adventure Bay, they seem to be having some kind of dispute as the one on the right appears to be sticking out his tongue at his fellow bird.

These two wild Bruny ducks have definitely got each others back.

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