Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Bottom of the Garden on Bruny Island Tasmania

Bruny Island like the rest of Tasmania is not only beautiful but full of surprises. Today I wanted to share with you some snap shots from Bruny Island Gardens. These gardens are nothing like a small suburban yard!

This is a delightful boat house on a private pond, perfect for picnics. This photograph was taken on a stunning Bruny Island property called HIBA.

Sheep grazing on green Bruny Island grass, overlooking the 
d' Entrecasteaux channel.

 Geese and daffodils in Simpsons Bay Bruny Island.

A gnarled tree overlooking the sea at the bottom of the garden in Adventure Bay Bruny Island.

A bell shaped pink flower growing wild at the bottom of the orchard in Simpsons Bay Bruny Island.

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