Monday, January 24, 2011


Dolphins are a familiar site on Bruny Island. Dolphin & whale pods often cause excitement in Adventure Bay. When dolphins or whales are seen in the Bay word seems to spread by osmosis & quick as a whip people are peeping over the sand dunes with binoculars.

There are plenty of great opportunities for boating & yachting on Bruny Island & friendly dolphins often swim alongside the boats.

Oceanic Dolphins are highly intelligent mammals & members of the Delphinidae family. Dolphins are closely related to whales & porpoises.

Dolphins have a simple palate with their preferred dinner menu consisting of fish & squid.

The Delphinidae family which includes oceanic dolphins is a relatively new species in the scheme of the world, having evolved around ten million years ago.

Dolphins are happy in shallow water & generally feel at ease with other humans & animals.

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