Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This Kookaburra hangs out in my mum's orchard on Bruny Island. This Kookaburra is a Wiley bird. Not only does it skim the dam for tadpoles but it also ate my mum's prize goldfish. There are so many nicer fish to eat on Bruny Island too.
There is a salmon farm on Satellite Island, a little Island off the coast of Bruny Island. Satellite Island is known as Woodie Island by the locals & you can see it from Allonah Beach.
These Nasturtium's are an edible & pretty flower that my mum grows in her organic vegetable garden on Bruny Island. They are great for topping salads.

Organic Dutch peas called capussanas

These organic carrots are sweet & tasty, they are nestled in a bowl with fresh snow peas & purple sprouting broccoli. For more beautiful photos of Bruny Island including the lighthouse check out this link http:/

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