Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free as a Bird on Bruny Island

Life on Bruny Island is quaint as a picture postcard & as interesting as an episode of ABC's Seachange. The locals are as colourful as the scenery. One local who will remain unnamed gets about the Island in an array of colourful pyjamas. I even know a guy who has a sweet pet dog that swims with the dolphins. Everyone is friendly & the Adventure Bay General Store is a hub of gossip. Go out to buy a carton of milk & you may find yourself chatting to friends in the dairy isle for half an hour or more.
A great number of Bruny Island residents came there on holiday many years ago & just never left. The atmosphere just draws you in that way.
Keep your eyes on this space in future if you want to learn more about this Islands colourful history & all the local characters & events.
Cheers Island girl

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