Thursday, December 30, 2010

Australian Black Swan

Bruny Island is one of the natural habitats that provides a home for the Australian Black Swan. Black swans make their homes in coastal areas, nesting in swamps, estuaries & enclosed lakes. However it is fairly rare to see swans gliding through the oceans & tends only to happen near Islands such as Bruny.
Swans feed on plants that grow in the shallows. Black Swans are frequently seen floating gracefully in the shallow salty waters of Isthmus Bay situated on the Bruny Neck. Locals say that when the Swans are out you can be guaranteed to catch flounder in the bay - most likely because the flounder feed on similar food to the Swans so local mythology goes.

During times of excessive rain Swans will inhabit flooded fields & riverbanks.
Swans build their nests from pieces of coarse reed, which makes swamps, lakes & even small water dams on farms appealing places for these graceful birds.

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