Thursday, January 28, 2016


This little motherless Wallaby Joey, was found on Bruny Island & taken to the lovely people at Inala nature museum & jurassic garden. The Joey is being reared in a fabric pouch, which mimics its mothers pouch.

Inala has a long and strong history in wildlife rehabilitation, caring for injured and abandoned animals. Dr Tonia Cochran’s science and farming background has provided her with a wide array of veterinary skills that she uses to care for the diversity of animals brought to Inala’s gates. 

Tonia’s diverse background & passion for Tasmania’s fauna, has resulted in a variety of animals of various species being rehabilitated & released back into the Tasmanian wilderness. The list of rehabilitated species is long and includes a Brown Falcon, Tasmanian Pademelon, Long Nosed Potoroo, Echidna, Little Pygmy Possum, Brush-tailed Possum, Little Penguin, and even Blue-tongued Lizard! Inala's most famous success is an albino Bennett’s Wallaby.  INALA JURRASIC GARDEN

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