Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The variety of Bruny Island

     From sunrise to sunset Bruny Island has so much to see & do.
Bruny Island offers relaxation & enervation. Bruny Island is a great place for strolls on the beach, bush walking, swimming, boating & fishing. 

 The Island is large & sparsely populated in many areas, which means there is always a quiet place to retreat to if you need some time out. There are however all the amenities a person could need such as a general store, pub & restaurants.
 The Island has beautiful national park areas for sightseeing, camping & bush walking.
Many of the beaches are suitable for surfing & the water is amazingly clean & crisp.
 All the housing on the Island runs on rainwater or bore water & many locals live an Eco-friendly lifestyle. As far as an Eco-friendly Tasmanian holiday goes I think Bruny Island is one of the best places you could possibly visit.
Eco Tourism is a big part of the Bruny Island economy. There is a lot of Eco-friendly accommodation available on the Island. There are also Eco cruises & penguin watching tours. The Island is also a popular spot for bird watching. If you fancy a luxury Eco holiday find out more at http://brunyisland.net.au/ or phone 1300 889 557 toll free

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